Grabbit... for the unexpected!

Grabbit introduces a new high-concept product line of stylish emergency, weather and travel preparedness packs. As gift items, they make readiness a fun experience and are the smart answer to a growing universal need.

Among the many Grabbit products there is a selection of well-designed backpacks, shoulder-packs, tote-bags and fanny-packs. They are filled with up to 50 items for comfort, safety, personal care and everyday essentials. Organized for easy access this is the fashionable way to ready everyone for travel, home, office, school and car. There are Grabbits for adults, kids, and even pets. They make preparedness an enjoyable and educational adventure.

Grabbit, the intelligent, competent and resourceful rabbit inspires confidence and calm in stressful situations. As "Spokesanimal" for preparedness, his products are timely as an ideal choice for family, friends, employees, and business associates.

The reassuring and confident Grabbit is always prepared to help in a warm and caring way. His presence inspires a sense of calm whenever Mother Nature threatens, a sign of security for the whole family.

Grabbit, his cartoon family and friends, are on their way to starring in an educational television series. Their adventure and informational books will soon be available.

Grabbit Plush Toys and Weather Puppets are also joining the Grabbit line of products, continuing their tradition of original and high-quality gifts which already includes packs, umbrellas, hats, afghans, water bottles, key rings, whistles, organizing books and more!